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And it is right here, from these roots, that the handcrafted ceramic jars of the “Lamacupa” farm are born.

With our collection of handcrafted ceramic jars, Àmue Extra Virgin Olive Oil blends design and tradition. Our original jars are made and decorated entirely by hand by Apulian artisans, whose hands have been making objects for centuries that tell stories about their soul, history and culture. Here you can bottle up the green gold that we have been producing with passion for decades, in 500 ml, 250 ml and 100 ml formats. Àmue Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced with the excellent variety of ‘Coratina’ olive, carefully selected and processed with the cold pressing method. The jars, on the other hand, take up the Apulian pottery tradition, made of history and wisdom, modeled by local artisans and customizable according to everyone’s wishes.

A memory from Apulia, with its Àmue EVO Oil, its handcrafted ceramics, its representative colors and the search for modernity and design that blends with tradition. Moreover, the Àmue handcrafted ceramic jars are versatile and designed for reuse: flower holders, essence and aroma diffusers, designer lamps; as in the production cycle of our own oil, from the land to the table, Àmue jars constantly reveal new aspects, to never cease to surprise and excite.

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Make your special day even more exceptional with Olio àmue: give your guests the gift of a precious, unique and versatile memory. puoi rendere eccezionale un giorno importante, facendo ai tuoi ospiti il dono di un ricordo prezioso, unico e versatile.

What remains at the end of a celebration is the memories, the smiles, the flavors and the festive atmosphere that made it a unique and unforgettable event. Make these memories last and keep all the emotions in a party favor that tells the identity and enhances the history. With our party favors, Àmue EVO oil becomes an original gift entirely “made in Apulia”. Poured into terracotta jars with a unique design, made by local artisans and personalized with your names or the date of your anniversary, this precious oil will be a much appreciated gift for your guests. Weddings, graduations, First Communions, baptisms, birthdays and celebrations of all kinds: it will be possible to customize the ceramic jar in its colors, styles, decorations and patterns.

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