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"Life is moved by a passion, not by duties or impositions, and passion is ignited by a beauty." (John Vannucci)

The History of our Company

The story we want to tell you comes through our products. We want to make you part of our family, amidst the beauty, firm roots and golden nectar of the centuries-old olive trees of the land we love. Sincerely, authentically and deeply. With the same principles, our Oil tells our Story.

The farm “Lamacupa”

Located in the heart of Puglia, the “Lamacupa” farm boasts a simple and natural story of passion and sacrifice.

A family, a land, flavors and smells of an excellent product that we decided to give in your hands, on your tables.
The family-run business was born out of a life project: it is simply us, Maria Rosa Arbore and Luigi Malcangi, life partners and passionate farmers for generations, constantly striving for perfection and quality.
Enthusiasm, professionalism, and the desire to want to get the word out.

and savoring the EVO excellence that we have been curating for decades beyond our home country prompted us to embark on this new adventure, from the land to the table.
What animates us is one constant: a conscious choice of quality, constantly striving for perfection.

We produce oil from the monocultivar “coratina,” a typical variety of Apulia whose term comes from the town of Corato, in the province of Bari, our homeland.
This cultivar is distinguished by its elegant scent, its typical and unmistakable flavor, and its distinct organoleptic properties, with a polyphenolic charge twice that of other varieties. Finally, cold extraction preserves all the qualities naturally present in this cultivar.

In our company you can breathe attention, passion and dedication, from the care of the plant, to the harvesting of its fruits until, through the delicate and careful phase of the transformation of the fruits into EVO oil, to the bottling and finally to the care in the preservation of a product of excellent quality. The gnarled hands of those who love their land become, in this way, custodians of Coratine’s green gold.
And from those skilful hands, the oil from “Lamacupa” Farm comes directly to your table, from producer to consumer. A Short Supply Chain and Zero Mileage, aimed at delivering to the customer the full identity of an excellent product, drawn from one of the best varieties of olives grown in Puglia and throughout Italy.

The Gathering

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