“Àmue” oil is our flagship product, an identifying mark and dialect term, which comes from the Latin ‘amulae’, used to refer to a small cruet with a narrow beak. It is the same cruet used by our grandparents, with which they used to pour the precious oil from the ‘Àmue’ on a slice of fragrant bread, with slow and skilful gestures. Thus, we chose to give this name to our oil, to ensure that that ancient and noble flavour awakens our memories and your senses. Each bottle of oil contains the respect for nature, in its ancestral and identifying declinations, resulting in the choice to focus on a product of extreme quality. Every drop of Àmue oil tells the story of the past, present and future of the company, firmly anchored to the traditional ritual of extraction of the ‘Coratino’ green gold and aimed at enhancing a high quality product which, thanks to its organoleptic properties and its high concentration of polyphenols (the highest of all cultivars), contributes to physical well-being due to its strong antioxidant power. elevato contenuto di polifenoli, il più alto tra le varie cultivar, contribuisce al benessere fisico per il suo forte potere antiossidante. The result? An oil of character, with peculiar spicy and bitter notes, sharp but balanced.


In the last few years, the constant search for quality has extended from olive groves to the selection of the best mills to create our product, thanks to innovative techniques aimed at finding the right combination to obtain an increasingly sought-after oil, through the cold extraction process which allows to preserve the organoleptic properties of the freshly harvested olives.

To obtain a high quality EVO oil we start from a rigorous selection of the raw material: the olive harvest is carried out paying attention to the right level of ripening. The milling takes place within 6/12 hours, with the aim of obtaining a fresh and healthy product.

We use a small processing plant, in step with the latest technological innovations. The oil mill is equipped with a leaf remover, washing machine and a continuous cycle cold extraction system with a two-phase decanter. What follows is an immediate filtering of the oil, our green gold, and its storage under nitrogen at a controlled temperature, in stainless steel tanks. Finally, the cycle ends with the bottling and care of the detail processes.