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“Life moves because of passion, not because of duties or impositions, and passion lights up wherever there’s beauty.” (Giovanni Vannucci)

Our Story

The story we want to tell you is rooted in our products. We want to make you a part of our family, among the beauty, the strong roots and the golden nectar of the centuries-old olive trees of the land we love. Genuinely, authentically, deeply. And just like that, our oil tells our story.

Lamacupa Farm

Located in the heart of Apulia, the “Lamacupa” farm boasts a simple and natural history, made up of passion and sacrifices.

A family, a land, tastes and smells of an excellent product that we have decided to donate to your hands, to your tables.

The family-run company was born from a life project: it is simply us, Maria Rosa Arbore and Luigi Malcangi, life partners and passionate farmers since generations, constantly looking for perfection and quality.

What drove us to start this new adventure was the enthusiasm,

competence and the desire to spread and make everyone enjoy the EVO excellence that we have been taking care of for decades, beyond our country of origin, from the land to the table.


What drives us is a unique constant: a conscious choice of quality, in the continuous search for perfection.

We produce oil from the “Coratina” monocultivar, a typical olive variety from Apulia, whose name comes from its place of origin, Corato, in the province of Bari, our homeland.

This cultivar stands out for its elegant aroma, its typical and unique flavor, and its marked organoleptic properties, with a double polyphenolic charge compared to other varieties. Finally, the cold extraction process allows to preserve all the natural qualities of this cultivar. In our company you can breathe love, passion and dedication, starting from the plant care to the harvest of the fruits, up to bottling, through the delicate and accurate process of transformation of the fruits into EVO oil, and lastly the care in the preservation of a high quality product. The gnarled hands of those who love their land thus become guardians of the Coratino green gold.

And from those skilled hands, the oil from the “Lamacupa” farm comes straight to your table, from farm to fork. A short and zero-kilometer supply chain, aimed at delivering the full identity of an excellent product to the customer, from one of the best varieties of olives in Apulia and throughout Italy.

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